Friedrich Amigurumi Nietzsche

…And after 4 attempts to get the right yarn for his head, here he is, Friedrich Amigurumi Nietzsche.

I finished him in a out about a day, because the I was just too excited. The yarn that I ended up using was Lion Brand, Vanna’s Choice in beige. It’s 100% acrylic so it’s not great to work with, but I after spending about £30 on cotton that just didn’t turn out well for various reasons, this was my best option.

He is of course all my creation and I have used the same pattern as I did for Marx. This time I have added some hands and eyebrows. Again, I was a size 4 bamboo hook. I picked up a little trick for changing colours, which is particularly helpful when you are working with contrasting yarns like beige and black. The little cool trick can be found on the blog right here.

It was a pain trying to work with black wool yarn and I had to redo and recount rows continuously, but it worked out in the end. So without further ado, here he is

Nietzsche says: ‘A letter is an unannounced visit, the postman the agent of rude surprises. One ought to reserve an hour a week for receiving letters and afterwards take a bath’

 Nietzsche w CR
 photo 2 (10) photo 3 (6)





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