Chunky knit blanket

This blanket took me over 1 year to finish. Not because it had to take that long, but more because I lost my motivation not even half way through. It also cost me quite a lot of money, and I sometimes had to wait till the end of the month when I was paid before buying more yarn…

I do love the result though. It’s soft, heavy and extremely warm.

I made up the pattern myself. Basically it consists of a purl row of 6 in the middle of the blanket (purl the purls, knit the knits) and a cable knit on each side also of 6 stitches. I used a size 20mm needles.

I bought the yarn here:  . Unfortunately, I do not remember where I got the needles from.

Here is the journey of the knitted blanket in pictures

Blanket with CRphoto (7) photo 1 (1) photo (8)



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