(Radical) Cactuar Amigurumi

So, I was prompted into making the Cactuar character from Final Fantasy whilst waiting for my yarn. I had a few goes with the body because I couldn’t be bothered to follow a pattern. However, the first time I tried, he turned out way too skinny and long – if anyone  would consider buying crocheted light green dildos in acrylic, let me know!

Anyway, second attempt worked out a bit better. Yarn is acrylic, size 4 bamboo hook and felt for eyes/mouth/hair glued on with textile glue. Again, I made up the pattern which ended up being the following: magic ring 6, 2 sc in each, 1sc then 2sc in next and continue till you get to 6sc then 2sc in next. The same goes for decreasing. I don’t know how many rows are in between but it felt good to keep the counting to a minimum.

Now he just need some limbs… I’m a little bit unsure as to how to make those, so suggestions welcomed! I’ll show you when he is done.




photo (3)


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